Roblox obby but you're FAT

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merch on black friday!!! AHHHH!!
play here lol
Today I play Roblox fat obby which makes your character really fat and it makes it very difficult to complete the obby lol

Ruby Mombarg
Ruby Mombarg Prieš 19 sekundžių
4:48 i heard h h
Chris Afton
Chris Afton Prieš 4 minutes
Idea: dress up as a “cute” and “innocent” bunny when you get a owner and they snuggle you at night get and make sure the owner doesn’t see you out of the bed and start killing people And when it’s morning go back to the bed and pretend nothing happened mute the people you killed so they don’t expose you
purple panda
purple panda Prieš 18 minučių
The next week should be ugly week like if you agree
Gamingblueninja Roblox
Gamingblueninja Roblox Prieš val
No one realizes that The tower of hell but you’re big has the colour scheme from jtoh tower of hecc
• PinkCloudzz •
• PinkCloudzz • Prieš val
I have a good sound idea to replace “oof” it should be *SLAMS ON KEYBOARD*
Rainbow Slayer
Rainbow Slayer Prieš val
tower of hell fatty: Impossible tower of hell biggy: easy
• PinkCloudzz •
• PinkCloudzz • Prieš val
Im thinking on making a obby today when im done with school work im just watching ur vids while i study but if i get the obby posted i will tell you, for now heres my user: iiClouxdy_x
Arturo Casillas
Arturo Casillas Prieš val
This should not be called "the tower of hell but fat" it should be called "the tower of Kim Kardashian fans"😂
bae_ bee
bae_ bee Prieš val
1:53 "i'm just a big ball of skin" Albert thats a cuboid
Gavin Bugajewski
Gavin Bugajewski Prieš 2 val
Play make a cake Albert now
Renxez :]
Renxez :] Prieš 2 val
Why u need to be on that game? Cleetus is already too fat lol
Yay im a cat
Yay im a cat Prieš 3 val
he looks like he's about to smash his computer
Gucci Gang
Gucci Gang Prieš 3 val
"I get to go to bed MAD." You already know what his dream is going to be...
Junko Enoshima
Junko Enoshima Prieš 4 val
Bark bark
macc naizz
macc naizz Prieš 4 val
Hey Guy's! There's a Legend is it true or not? Let's try it out! Flamingo Flamingo Flamingo And boom you got pinned and heart
Bebe Maco
Bebe Maco Prieš 4 val
Alternate title: Tower of hell that is on another level
PeaPod Paul
PeaPod Paul Prieš 4 val
Flamingo:this is ez Him then dies not even a second later
I'm a Pizza
I'm a Pizza Prieš 5 val
2:54 it went from congratulations to ;-;
Gian Alan Rivera
Gian Alan Rivera Prieš 5 val
4:05 you mean a hit box?
ches7lancero Prieš 6 val
Im fat too
Joshua Prieš 7 val
Did you know that An average man can weigh up too 400 pounds? But cleetus, well, cleetus can have a baby that weighs 800 pounds and have himself being 18,000 pounds
Hes not fat he is just really big bone
Wilson Toj
Wilson Toj Prieš 7 val
CINDY WEEK! Do another raid but all cindys pls flamgo
Drissia Adib
Drissia Adib Prieš 7 val
plot twist: he ate too much cooked rats from the game "cook burgers" before doing this
SinisterMatrix Prieš 7 val
A random dude in Roblox:
Lily Austin
Lily Austin Prieš 7 val
Moving a lot of man
shaunmarvin biaoco
shaunmarvin biaoco Prieš 8 val
Clock Eyed
Clock Eyed Prieš 8 val
Vincent Pangan
Vincent Pangan Prieš 8 val
Albert: Taiwan
Benita Benito Bonita
Benita Benito Bonita Prieš 8 val
Here's an idea: Make a massive maze in the server. Though, this maze HAS no end. You can tell the people in the server that they will get free admin / money if they escape. but since the maze has no end, they will be wasting all of their time trying to escape So SOME OF YOU have been saying i'm not cruel enough, so how about Albert becomes a demon and stalks people in the maze. He can also add ghosts and stuff. About the whole Zooming out thing, he can add an invisible roof to the top of the maze so he can see them walk around, but they can't see out of the maze. The "endless" thing could be similar to the infinite house video, where he builds a maze, copy and pastes it together, and voila. I also sorta meant like no exit, but for the extra aesthetic we'll make it really long. Good day, good afternoon, good evening. good night. Like so albert can see this
khalil nevels
khalil nevels Prieš 8 val
0:01 homegirl lookin' like rayman
NOOBAS_PLAYS Prieš 8 val
like i dont know why but albert is my fav ytber
Shona Smith
Shona Smith Prieš 8 val
This game gives you. Big feet. Tiny toes.
AnimeGirlLika UwU
AnimeGirlLika UwU Prieš 9 val
AnimeGirlLika UwU
AnimeGirlLika UwU Prieš 9 val
The Pooh Show Sax
The Pooh Show Sax Prieš 9 val
cindy week cindy week
Aisha Aleem. Network TCS
Aisha Aleem. Network TCS Prieš 9 val
albert what happen to ypur hands and now you have gave birth to a billion babies
Alice Prieš 10 val
*"They need to make it just so you can mess up somebody"* *LMAOOAOAOOAOAOAOOA*
Carlisle Jones
Carlisle Jones Prieš 10 val
Flamingo i also have f.lux in bottom right corner for Night and waking up 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Myla Ditchie
Myla Ditchie Prieš 11 val
IDEA: Make a haunted Library where the books when someone reads it something comes out of them and the shelves eat them when their alone. Also, make the tables turn red and turn them into demons stuck on the floor or somethin. CARRY THIS ON SO ALBERT CAN SEE!
Carissa LaFrance
Carissa LaFrance Prieš 11 val
i miss ur funny among us vids
Kahlen Prieš 11 val
I’m surprised that Albert didn’t rage this time👏🏻
Melbyn Carranza
Melbyn Carranza Prieš 11 val
clettus mc pregnunts a rare animal
GamingWithTinoJulian Prieš 11 val
3:59 is so funny
Shilah Robins
Shilah Robins Prieš 11 val
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Mikinishotai Prieš 12 val
He said hell
Franklin Cricket
Franklin Cricket Prieš 12 val
Jazichrys **
Jazichrys ** Prieš 13 val
5:28 what the heck? How did that happen
Matthew Hauber
Matthew Hauber Prieš 13 val
Albert: This is easy Also Albert: *dies*
Domenic Smith
Domenic Smith Prieš 13 val
Flamingo can you friend me because I have been a fan for YEARS now I love your videos and your so funny my username is smithhdom28
zizzy kinda
zizzy kinda Prieš 13 val
You need new clothes
zizzy kinda
zizzy kinda Prieš 13 val
Also me when I play tower of help
StrawberryTofi Prieš 13 val
2:49 Albert: fat who me not a chance Me: fat who me? A chance
[•NE•RD•] Prieš 13 val
Flamingo: This is ez *Literally 1 second later* *Dies* Flamingo: *GASSSP*
klheop Prieš 14 val
were good right? WHAAAAAAAAA
SwordFighterZach Prieš 14 val
is it me or when someone types XD and they get 100 likes its not normal
xxjokux_X Blazin Austin
xxjokux_X Blazin Austin Prieš 14 val
That’s a weird shift lock
Why you lookin
Why you lookin Prieš 14 val
Da Man Man
Da Man Man Prieš 14 val
James OMG
James OMG Prieš 14 val
I’m Fat Pin Me
Xvin centX
Xvin centX Prieš 14 val
2:15 when he said the rest is gonna be easy but then falls also 3:57 when he said this is easy he dies XD
CatReqqqieum Prieš 14 val
Smart kids watching: hell? I sleep Dumb kids watching: HELL?! IMPOSSIBLE NANI
Among Us playz
Among Us playz Prieš 14 val
He’s got sketches voice but denis daily’s burp ;-; I SHIP
CatReqqqieum Prieš 14 val
Role players when someone is looking at their tail: 2:04
ikoyrycan Prieš 14 val
I f8nish the giant one i gig not get bage
Makenzie Mills
Makenzie Mills Prieš 15 val
Try skeleton body
Todd Smith
Todd Smith Prieš 15 val
you know when we did the junket raid and spammed give oil........well I need when we do the Cindy raid to spam XD
bUnNy GaChA
bUnNy GaChA Prieš 15 val
Im going to play brookhaven
Jaws Plays
Jaws Plays Prieš 15 val
Him: easy 2 seconds:later he dies
• BlueFox •
• BlueFox • Prieš 15 val
I need help
I need help Prieš 16 val
He said hell :O naughty albert i'm gonna hack your account
yddiuqS Prieš 16 val
2:46 Is it just me or does Cindy look like a milk carton 😳😳
SnowFlake Prieš 16 val
Do you know what gets me real man I was in his server and left
Fully Noob
Fully Noob Prieš 16 val
Funniest fact: Cleetus is not fat, he is big boned.
Foxy _myth
Foxy _myth Prieš 17 val
Abby the rat
Abby the rat Prieš 17 val
Okay! How do you have time for two vids every day bro?
Meegaa Yuan
Meegaa Yuan Prieš 17 val
Roblox Lover
Roblox Lover Prieš 17 val
“It’s so eViL
ILikeYaCuT G
ILikeYaCuT G Prieš 17 val
Flamingo: "This is easy" *just dies*
Kaylan Gaming
Kaylan Gaming Prieš 17 val
“it looks like I’m sassy like a angry mother” It looks like a Karen
Makel Johnson Makel
Makel Johnson Makel Prieš 18 val
Every time I watch flamingo i laugh keep it up road to 10 million
J Y Prieš 18 val
3:08 and 4:09 is that Kira Yoshikage?
Ruitals Prieš 18 val
Sorry to ask but uh my cousin his user name is lockhatch he has been off lately because I couldn't get him anything because I was busy, his dream is to reach 10k rap. If you can help him get his dream rap i would really appreciate it.
Arely Gonzalez
Arely Gonzalez Prieš 19 val
Why did it take me hours to continue this vid bc I got distracted by finding the game
Andy C.
Andy C. Prieš 19 val
Petition to make Cindy week and Cindy raid! I V
Flamingo Fan
Flamingo Fan Prieš 19 val
Wait he said hell he always says heck
CallmehNin Prieš 20 val
no jumping obby
DarkPhantom 2737
DarkPhantom 2737 Prieš 20 val
Nønbinary Chaøs
Nønbinary Chaøs Prieš 20 val
Cindy weeeeeek💅💅💅
Shannon Lee
Shannon Lee Prieš 20 val
y0u shold do an eArthwoRM RAId :0
Flamingo: upset he’s not winning. Me: upset flamingo is not screaming because he’s mad
Rachel Gundersen
Rachel Gundersen Prieš 20 val
I was dieing laughing when Albert said “DONT TOUCH MY TAIL”
Boba Bear
Boba Bear Prieš 20 val
play ToH pro it's very stressful..
Realest Boi
Realest Boi Prieš 20 val
i made a obby
Danish Gamer TV
Danish Gamer TV Prieš 20 val
Dude, I literally played this game on my channel before him
That weeb
That weeb Prieš 20 val
Did anyone notice the Kira cosplayer at 3:09?
PlayerBoi374 Games
PlayerBoi374 Games Prieš 20 val
0:02 Sounds like he had a little bit of a stroke. :0
Rubiez z
Rubiez z Prieš 21 val
Escape among us shrek thanos spiderman Ryan's toy review obby
Ethan Taylor_25
Ethan Taylor_25 Prieš 21 val
s i n d y w e e k
Fiona Lin
Fiona Lin Prieš 21 val
Awww poor albert
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